Dinosaurs. 360


Meet the most dangerous predator of all time.

6+ | 8 min. | VR / 360° / Fulldom


Dinosaurs are the legends of our planet that have gone into oblivion. We have heard so much about them – both about the most ferocious, and about quite peaceful, and about flying, and about waterfowl. But have you ever seen a full-size dinosaur close enough to touch with your hand? This film will allow you to learn much more than you have already heard about these mythical creatures. Only one sight of their appearance both frightens and fascinates. But so many mysteries have not yet been solved! Why did these giant lizards begin to rule the planet about 200 million years ago? Did the earliest humans live during the age of the dinosaurs? And how exactly did these indestructible giants die – was it the fall of a meteorite, or maybe a volcanic eruption? Try to answer these questions by watching this interesting movie!

Main information
Genre: Natural history, History
Subject: Dinosaurs
English, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew