Myth: A Frozen Tale



8min 10 sec | VR 

Experience the world of Disney’s Frozen as never before with Walt Disney Animation Studios’ animated short film, Myth: A Frozen Tale. Just as you settle in and enjoy a bedtime story with an Arendellian family, the home suddenly shifts around you, as you are transported into an enchanted forest. Things are not as they first appear, as the elemental spirits of air, fire, water and earth make their presence known.


The combination of traditional hand-drawn & CG animation are choreographed to an original score resulting in a visual poem where the audience is front and center.


Narrated by Evan Rachel Wood

Music by by Joseph Trapanese

Main information
Game Modes: Single User
Supported Player Modes: Sitting, Standing
Supported Controllers: Gamepad, Touch (as Gamepad), Oculus Touch
Supported Platforms: Quest, Quest 2
Category: Entertainment
Genres: Art/Creativity, Movie, Narrative

Languages: English

Version + Release Notes: 1.0
Developer: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Publisher: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Release Date: June 11, 2020 

Images from the show